Understanding Real Estate

3 Tips For Working With Real Estate Agents

by Lauren Peck

Real estate agents are committed to helping you to find a great home and negotiating for a great price. However, many people struggle to work with real estate agents, since the entire home purchase process can be confusing and a little stressful. Here are three tips for working with real estate agents you should keep in mind. 

1. Be Honest About What You Want

When you start talking with real estate agents, be completely open and honest about what you want. Be familiar with the details of your current home so that you can explain what you need out of your next place. For instance, if your current home is 2,000 square feet but you feel like you need more space, asking to see homes that are above 3,000 square feet could be a great starting point. 

Don't be shy about giving a physical list of your must-have items. From natural stone countertops to new flooring, it pays to find a house that already has many things on your must-have list. 

2. Answer Your Phone

Oftentimes, real estate agents will communicate with you daily about new listings, current offers, and contingencies that need to be worked out before you can strike a deal. When you work with real estate agents, always be available to answer your phone. Being available and willing to talk with your agent can help to streamline deals and prevent confusion, frustration, and missed opportunities. 

3. Keep An Open Mind

Sometimes, your real estate agent may want to show you a house that falls out of your must-have criteria or propose an interesting deal that could work for you and the sellers. Try to be open-minded whenever you talk with your agent and be willing to investigate new ideas. Keeping an open mind and being willing to chat about possibilities makes things a lot easier between you and your agent. Additionally, being open could help you to find a deal that you would have ignored otherwise, which could open up your future to new possibilities. 

Be ready the next time you spot a great home by keeping space available on your phone and keeping your must-have list in mind. When you talk with agents, talk about your personal budget and timeline so they know exactly what you are looking for. Be patient and kind to agents, and remember the current economic climate is a little tricky for everyone.